the elements

Moya takes a holistic approach to exercise, with each session designed to be a journey that stimulates the mind, challenges the body, and feeds the spirit. Moya explores these elements of Mind, Body, and Spirit in the following way:


MIND (Warm-up and Preparation)

Our sessions promote mindfulness, by taking focus away from the external environment, to prepare the Mind and Body for the Moya experience.

A dynamic warm-up routine is used to unwind, loosen up and activate the stabiliser muscle groups to enhance balance.


BODY (Strength and Balance)

Strength in the key areas of the Shoulder Girdle and Pelvic Girdle has been shown to provide stability that significantly reduces injury risk.

Strength and Conditioning exercises incorporating Balance and Proprioception to increase the demand on the Shoulder and Pelvic Girdle stabilisers are performed to stimulate and challenge the Body.


SOUL (Mobility and Cool-Down)

The Moya experience strives to create an environment for soulful reflection, meditation, and prayer.

The focus here is on prayer, meditation and mindfulness while performing exercises to improve flexibility and mobility of the hip, buttocks, lower back, middle and upper back muscles and fascia.

All exercises include deep, slow diaphragmatic breathing.